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Manders Decorating Company is a family owned and operated business; founded over 75 years ago. This Washington, D.C. based company developed its niche by supplying itsí market area with quality paint and re-paint with a reputable contractor, using quality material and delivering 110% of contract responsibility.

The Manders story began in the 1930ís by Logan Manders, who specialized in the quality painting of the interior and exterior of residential homes. Working diligently, Mr. Manders developed a reputation of affording his customers valuable service at a competitive cost. His business grew via word of mouth advertising and the knowledge that relying on Logan Manders was a guarantee of receiving value for your dollar without sacrificing quality.

In the mid 1950ís, Norman Manders, Sr. joined his father, establishing the foundation for what became the family business. Norman Manders recognized that the Washington Metropolitan Area was becoming a rapidly growing market, with real estate growth outpacing most other markets in the United States. He re-directed his efforts by aligning himself with ownership of multi-family housing and fulfilling their needs to turn vacant units around with the least amount of down time. The business continued itsí growth by expanding to small commercial endeavors by meeting the needs of a growing market and client demands.

In the mid 1970ís, the third generation joined the firm. William (Bill) Manders and his brother Michael (Mike) Manders recognized that the market their father had identified earlier was continuing to grow at an even faster pace and that the needs to meet an expanding Multi-Family, Commercial and Office Building market in the Washington Metropolitan Area was still viable. They re-focused the company long range plan again to include a third division, concentrating on meeting the needs of this new market by partnering with general contracting firms involved in constructing the residential and commercial buildings that would house the expanding Washington residential needs, along with the office space the increasing population would work in.

Today, Manders Decorating in a multi-divisional, full service decorating company, able to meet the total paint, drywall and wall covering needs of all of the Manders clients. Client requests for assistance, fueled the need to develop a minor handyman repair service to complete residential turns. Capabilities range from the simplest paint job to the complete interior and exterior painting of large anchor box stores in major shopping malls, hotel interior finishes, both new and refurbished and upscale office fit out.

Manders Decorating can now offer complete paint, wall covering, specialty paint and finishes, drywall and plaster repairs, to itsí many customers whose diversified needs represent the full spectrum that face real estate owners, developers and investors, while supporting the construction industry and their clients. From the smallest repaint to the largest hotel or condominium coming out of the ground, Manders now partners to create the profitable success of every endeavor.

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Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA)
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
Community Association Institute (CAI)
Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Northern Virginia Apartment Association (NVAA)
Parking Lot Association of Washington
Property Management Association (PMA)

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